Why Tree trimming is important

What’s the point of wasting precious time snipping off parts of a tree? Why do I need to spend money on hiring a tree services company? Is it even healthy to trim off parts of trees? Won’t I be harming my trees by trimming them? These are all questions that have been asked by people at one time or the other. To answer these questions, our team has created this post. We hope to enlighten you and let you know the benefits of trimming your trees.

Aesthetics: If it is well done, getting your trees trimmed will give them a beautiful look, the branches will have similar lengths giving a rhyming pattern to the whole tree that will beautify your garden and make it physically appealing. This is even more important for places like event centers, recreational parks, and gardens. These places require a beautiful look to attract visitors and well-trimmed ornamental trees are a very good way to achieve this end.

Keeping trees healthy: When trees are trimmed, there is more space to allow for the circulation of air around the leaves, stem, and branches. With increased air-flow, there is more carbon dioxide available for the tree to “breathe”, also, the increased space will allow sunlight to get through to the leaves further up the inner branches, allowing as many leaves as possible to undergo photosynthesis. Finally, another health benefits that trees stand to gain from trimming is the removal of infected leaves and branches. If the tree gets infected, the infection can easily be curbed early by trimming off any infected branches before the infection spreads further to the whole tree. The tree is therefore preserved and can last for a much longer period of time than it would ordinarily have.

Prevent overhanging branches: When there’s a property directly adjacent yours, trees close to the demarcation or fence may sprout branches which will extend into your neighbor’s property. Under some laws, this may count as a form of trespassing and may even be taken up legally by the owner. Trimming your trees and getting rid of any overhanging branches may just save you from a torts case.

Protect surrounding objects: When branches extend, they can begin to snake towards surrounding objects like Windows, walls, or even utilities like overhead cables, in the long run, this may become dangerous or threatening as there’s the risk of breaking such leading to expenses on repairs and replacements. Consistent trimming will help to keep the branches in place without having to remove the tree while still protecting objects and properties.


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Tree Care and Maintenance – Why Hiring Tree Service is the Best Option

If you have trees in your yard that need to be saved through treatment, pruning and other techniques, a tree service can help you address the issues your trees have. They possess the necessary knowledge in order to save or remove trees. Removing a tree may become a viable option when they are already affected with the disease and no treatment can cure it or restore its health and condition. This technique is also advised for homeowners who are confronted with the dangers that come with large trees such as those located near properties or power lines.


If your safety is at stake, the need to eliminate the tree completely crop up. Enlisting the services of a tree company is one of the best and most effective ways of ensuring that the job will be done in the safest way possible.


When tree removal isn’t the last resort, your tree service provider will inform you that. That means you can try other options besides removing the tree. These professionals are sometimes referred to as tree doctors who have received adequate training in detecting different types of tree diseases, insect and fungi management as well as growth problems. They can handle even the most complex tree issues and know exactly the best treatment that will work for the problems your trees have.


When you start to look for a tree removal service, you will be faced with various choices and it won’t be that easy to make a decision. Not all of these companies can provide you with the best quality service. It takes a great deal of research in order to find one that is worth your money.


The right tree professional to hire is one that has certification and accreditation to make them qualified for the job. They should be dedicated in saving your trees and employing the necessary methods to ensure that they tree will remain or won’t be removed. Their trained staff can care for and maintain trees. Their experience in tree work allow them to work on various types of trees and can also share maintenance tips that you can do on your own to keep your trees in good shape.


Tree professionals have the knowledge in transplanting trees as well. They can assist you in determining the best location to plant new trees. In addition, they can inform you on the best kinds of trees that can survive in your area.


Using professional help can take away all the complex that comes with tree maintenance care. They are aware of several kinds of treatment to give to your trees, depending on the diseases or pests they are infested with.


For all tree issues that you have at the moment, regardless of how simple or big it may be and no matter what its type, you should never hesitate in hiring a tree service provider. You are sure to get all the help that you need to keep your trees in great shape and to ensure they are healthy all throughout the year.


Trees are like human beings, they need the care and love in order to be healthy and survive.  Among all living things, we humans, benefit the most on the tree’s functions. Trees are known to produce oxygen and store carbon dioxide which are both essential for our survival.  It can also help your property to have a higher value in the future. Trees are also a big help in reducing electrical bills because of its other benefits like providing shade, contributes to a healthy soil to avoid soil erosions and many more.  But because of some who takes trees for granted, trees sometimes decay and become weak, thus the risk of safety gets involved.  When a tree becomes dead due to the risks that the decays of the tree has, it is suggested that the tree gets removed before it can cause further injuries.  


 The removal of a tree is done by professional arborists, people who are experts in tree care.  Tree removal involves a rigorous process and requires professional and skilled arborists to do it. One reason is that the professional arborists are trained for the job. The have gears and tools to use on a particular tree and also have a background in advanced tree biology. Tree removal is different from tree pruning because tree removal involves the removal of the whole tree including its roots and structure while pruning only involves a certain part or limb.  

As stated above, trees provide us a lot of benefits, so it is really hurtful to cut down or remove a tree.  The feeling is like an investment declining due to irresponsible ownership.  Why wait for a tree to be removed or cut down if you can prevent it from the process of decay by trying to preserve them through proper care and maintenance. Most tree care contractors first option is tree removal without thinking that still these trees can be saved.


 There are many tree care contractors in the industry but unfortunately do not have the skills, experience, and certification professional tree arborists must have. Given the limited skills and experience, most tree care contractors immediately resort to tree removal or tree cutting as the only solution to decaying trees.  But in reality, professional arborists have many other options to choose from, then resorting immediately to removing the tree. Some of these options include fertilization, drought management, and pest management. There is also another option to consider and that is to monitor, evaluate and assess the tree to know if the tree can still be preserved or what precautions to do to maintain its healthy state.  These options fall under the service, tree care or some call it tree maintenance.  Choosing tree care/ maintenance as an option can lessen the cost you will be spending than doing a tree removal.




Trees are an immeasurable wealth. The role which they play in an ecosystem cannot be measured. They offer a home to birds and animals. They are also responsible for naturally cleaning our air. Trees are our source of food, energy, and medicine. Therefore, they should always be taken good care of. Always prune them at the right time and in the right manner. When pruning the trees the following are top things that should never be done.

  • Never Prune Your Tree without a Good Reason

Don’t just prune the tree. Have a goal or a reason for pruning. Don’t prune just to prune the tree. The main goal should be taking care of the tree. Depending on the type of the tree, size and age pruning can be aimed at different goals. Prune to improve the health of the tree. Let your pruning yield its desired results. This will prevent chances of damaging the tree instead of taking care of it.

  • Do not Prune More than 25% of the Tree

When pruning the tree, don’t remove more than 25% of the tree branches. Only remove branches that are dead, diseased or damaged. For fruit trees remove only the branches that are growing downwards and the branches that are crossing the other branches.

  • Don’t Prune Trees of Below One Year of Age Unless When Removing Dead Branches

Below one year, a tree is very delicate. Unless you are removing dead branches don’t prune these trees. Pruning them you endanger the trees. The whole tree could dry up easily when pruned at this age.

  • Don’t Prune the Trees Yourself if You Have no Experience

Pruning is art that needs skills and expertise. Seek advice and assistance from tree experts. If you prune the tree and you do not have relevant experience, you might damage the tree. You risk the tree if you prune it wrongly. Sometimes, you will not know when you have pruned the tree wrongly. You will only see the try decaying or drying up. To avoid all these, hire an expert to do the pruning for you.

  • Do not Remove the branch collar

This is the part that gives the whole branch support from the main trunk of the tree. When pruning just remove the branch high above the branch collar. When you remove the collar, you leave a large wound that might not heal easily. When you cut the branch high above the color, the would heal easily. The tree is not easily affected by this type of pruning.

  • Don’t Climb the Tree with Climbing Spikes

When pruning long and grown trees use a rope or a ladder. Don’t use climbing spikes. The spikes keep on injuring the tree as you climb. Avoid anything that is likely to damage or injure the tree.

Taking care of trees is important. If not well taken care of the trees cannot give their desired results. Taking care of the trees requires experience and expertise. This is the reason many people have specialized in tree care service delivery. Now you can hire experts to take care of your trees.